It’s your responsibility to amuse your offspring with children’s games all the time

We know we don’t have all the ideas on children’s games. We wish we did, because we could then kick back and retire on an island with only friendly people living on it. But we know we don’t. So we asked a number of people suggestions of games for kids, and published some of the replies we had (all tagged by ‘alienrivet’).

This was an interesting one we got back – we totally agree with the moral, which is that it’s not our responsibility as parents to always come up with games for our kids to play. And in fact, that is the philosophy underpinning our club where kids create and share their own activities.

“The worst thing that you can do as a parent is to decide the kind of children’s games that your kids should play. It is as bad as deciding that your dog won’t have a bone for dinner but lettuce or cabbage or anything green! Of course, dogs have a strong aversion for greens. And as you would expect, the response that you will get from your agitated kids won’t be any better than that of your dog when you force them to play games that they don’t like, trust me on this one.

As a rule of thumb, don’t decide the kinds of games that your kids should play. Instead, let them decide for themselves what they want to play. It is just as simple as that! Naturally, kids are bound to explore and decide what kind of games they want to play. And as their desire for play and games increase, so does their perception of what is cool and what is not. Hero figures and police toys may be cool for a 5-9 year lad, but won’t appeal to the taste of your 10-12 years old kid who has his eyes set on explosive video games.

Kids will always be tempted to go for children’s games that appeal to their basest desires. Therefore, you should be quick to evaluate the suitability of the games. Also, try to create a balance between fun and educational games. One without the other will surely turn your kids into sore, dull, and whimpering souls or spoiled little brats.

No matter how many times you agree or disagree with your kids, don’t ever force them to play children’s games that they don’t like. Although you can claim to be a good parent in your neighborhood meetings or get-togethers, the awful looks and grimaces from your kids will tell a different story. Of course, such cues don’t lie.Your kids want to be as happy as other kids in the block. So, what’s the moral of our small lesson? Let your kids be kids, don’t inhibit their growth by denying them fun when that’s what childhood is all about!”

Well, there’s a lot to be said for that. Creativity is key for children, and when we tell them too much of what to do, especially while they engage in their own children’s games, we may be limiting their options. Try to tread the line between being over-prescriptive and letting all break loose. And if you manage it, write in and tell us how!

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