Sun cream. Check. Swimming shorts. Check. Walking boots. Check. Nintendo DS. Check. T-shirts. Check. Guide book. Check. Passports. Check. Super Mario Bros. Check. Vaccinations. Check. Grand theft auto. Waaaaaaaait a minute – surely travel and holidays are about discovering the places you’re taking your kids to, and not continuing to play the same gadget they were playing on the sofa at home? At least that’s what we think. If you think the same, then stay with us. Our places blogs will be about travel and places to go with kids, as well as things to do with them while travelling. And none of it is about pacman – or whatever the kids are playing these days (whaddaya mean it’s not pacman???).

My experience comes from having taken my 4 children around Latin America, and seen the challenges with them getting more interested in Machu Picchu than in playing on their Nintendo DS games. In our Places section, we are developing ways to engage your children with the places that you take them to. That means two things. We will be looking for places that are naturally more engaging for your kids, but which bring a rich local flavor. And we will be creating and publishing ways to get them more immersed in places that might not instinctively seem to be designed for kids.

Like all-night cocktail bars. No – just kidding…

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