We are Freaky Rivet and we simply want your kids to do more, think more, explore more, create more and interact more – simple huh?! No, of course it’s not simple but we’re passionate about these aims and we know you are too. It seems pretty clear (to us anyway) that with our enthusiasm, know-how and resources, your support and a whole load of creative energy from your kids we really could help thousands of children and families (and us) to reach these goals. Join us in our mission to save the world… well a bit of it, anyway.

There’s a whole world out there and watching TV or looking things up on the Web aren’t  the best ways to experience it. We all know this but sometimes struggle to come up with ideas that will drag the kids away from their favourite electronic gadgets. We’ve got a new approach  – we aim to get kids fired-up about actually, physically doing stuff by integrating their gadget-based habits into the activities concerned. Sign up with Freaky Rivet and we’ll get you and your kids fired up, clued up and utterly heads up on a fantastic range of activities, ideas and fun.

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