4 Amazing Dance Tutorials to Today’s Pop Hits

Almost every hit has a music video, and in these music videos, choreographed dances are featured. The dances look amazing. Although some of them can seem really complex, it’s not impossible to learn them even if you’re not a professional dancer. And with the advent of video streaming sites, it’s now much easier to share, find, and learn from dance tutorials.

  1. Drop that NaeNae
    You have to learn the NaeNae! It’s one of the hottest dances/tracks in the world right now. The best part about the tutorial on Freaky Rivet is that it features the guys who made the NaeNae themselves.
  2. Dance to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”
    It might be ‘80s-inspired, but this doesn’t make Uptown Funk uncool! In fact, it’s really cool! The dance steps are amazing because it mixes both a modern and a retro vibe. Learn it with your whole gang for a funky time!
  3. Dance to Ariana Grande’s “Problem”
    Ariana Grande is one of the world’s biggest divas right now! Aside from being a diva, she’s also a pretty good dancer. You can see it in the video to her song “Problem.”
  4. Dance Fitness: Katy Perry – Roar
    You’re not exactly learning the choreography to Roar. Still, the choreography in the tutorial is really fun! What’s more, it’s also great for exercising!

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