How It Works

Freaky Rivet is an ad-free online activity club for kids who like to do stuff online, in the yard, and in their imagination.

Stuff For Parents

Find a fun activity to do. Or invent one for other kids to do.

Browse or search activities on the site.

If you have an idea for a new one, just click the [Create an activity] button!

Take a shot at the activity. Make. Play. Run. Explore.

Once you've found an activity you like, look at the video or read the instructions to see how to do it.

Prove you've done it and show off!

We need proof you've done it! We call your proof a 'shot'.

Look in the {Steps} tab in the instructions and you'll see what you need to show us to prove you've done the activity.

Click on [Upload a shot] to upload your evidence!

Earn Rivets and Get Higher Levels!

Our points are called 'rivets', and you can earn them for every shot you upload.

You also earn rivets for creating new activities, or a bunch of other ways.

More rivets get you to higher levels!

But what is a ...


When you join Freaky Rivet, you create a Rivetar. We give your rivetar a special made up name that's yours alone. You get to choose what your rivetar looks like, and can change what it looks like at any time. Everyone on the site has a rivetar. Ours is called Freaky Rivet.

My Stuff Page

Your My Stuff page is YOUR PAGE, where you get to show off your skills! On this page, everyone can see everything you've done. Like all your activities, your shots, your comments and your toots and poots!


You collect rivets for a bunch of things in Freaky Rivet. Like...
  • ... when you create an activity and we say it's OK
  • ... when you upload a shot and we say it's OK
  • ... when someone uploads a shot for an activity you created
  • ... when your activities or shots get toots
  • ... other stuff!
You can see how many rivets you have at the top of the page when you're logged in, or on your My Stuff page. You can also see who has most rivets on the Leaderboard page. Rivetars have 12 levels. We all started as students, but the more rivets you get, the higher your level.


Activities are fun, and they're what we're about. An activity is something to make or do. Sometimes activities use a gadget like a smartphone or an iPad. But usually they're about doing many other things. Like Playing Outside. Talking To People. Running Around. Climbing Trees. Juggling. Drawing. Painting. Playing Music. Acting. Jumping. Playing Games. Exploring. Creating Things. Building Things. You can find activities on the home page or by using the Search or Browse page. If you want to try out something new, look it up on Freaky Rivet. Someone may have put up a video showing you how. Or if you're a pro at something, then you should share that with other kids and show them how to do it. You just click [Create an activity] and start to it up on the club. People could go to your page to learn from you. Like if you're better than anyone at towel origami. Or can juggle blades of grass. Or can make faces uglier than the Gargoyles in Oxford - look them up. Eugh!


If you see an activity you want to do, and you want to show other kids how well you do it and earn rivets, we need to see that you've done it. So we ask you to show us that you've done it to prove it! We call the proof you upload a 'shot'. You can see what proof we want by looking in the {Steps} tab in the instructions for an activity.

What's the difference between an activity and a shot?

An activity is something new on the site where you tell other kids how to do it. It's something you already do really well and want to teach other kids to do. You create one by clicking the [Create an activity] button. A shot is where you have a go at an activity that's already on the site, and want to show everyone how well you've done it. You create one by following the instructions on the Activity page, and then clicking the [Upload a shot] button.

Toot and Poot

If you like something that someone's done, you can toot them. Every toot you give someone earns them rivets. You can only toot something once!
Permission Slip

We need to ask your parents’ permission to make your page.