We have a dream. Getting children moving, creating and exploring is our mission and what the club is about. Aside from our members, we also want to help make that happen for underprivileged children around the world. And we want to do it in a fun way, which is also about moving, creating and exploring.

Which is where our itineraries come in. We are creating a bunch of fun themed itineraries for family days out in a number of different locations, and donating all the profit from the sale of these to charities which provide opportunities for underprivliged children in those locations to move, create and explore.

A friend of ours called these “Robin Hood Itineraries”.

We like that.

Each itinerary, which averages 6 to 10 pages, takes a fun theme which kids will enjoy. For instance, in London we have 18 themes, including Animal London, Tudors London, Scientific London, Football London and London Spies. In Dublin, we are writing Viking Dublin, Irish Sports Dublin, Children’s Literature Dubin and 5 more.

We then plot a route for the day which takes in stops relating to the theme, and adds a game in theme, suggested lunch stop, and a slew of random, but relevant facts. And all written in a very tongue-in-cheek style. There’s also an online map if you want to access the itinerary from your smartphone on the move around the city.


All in all, a fantastically fun and educational day out. With all sales profits going to a local children’s charity. What could be better? Banoffee pie with a chocolate layer comes close, but not quite.


Our first charity of choice, chosen with our wonderful parent blogging partner at Actually Mummy, the diary of a loquacious schoolgirl, is ‘Cause You Can. Cause You Can works with children in deprived areas of South London to help them realise their potential by using the performing arts. Children will go through 12 weekly workshops, culminating in a public performance of music, or dance, or acting.

The workshops build children’s confidence, enhance their well-​​being and help develop their social and communication skills. The kids lead the creative process, so not only are they performing, but they own the entire process. They even give vocational training for youngsters who want to get into this area , having them work alongside the professionals who ‘Cause You Can provide.


It’s wonderful work we fell in love with as soon as we saw it. But in the words of parents, children and teachers who’ve been through it…

“The parents were delighted to see their children perform, sing, dance and play instruments. Thank you and your staff for providing our children with the opportunity to work with such talented people.” Special Educational Needs Officer, St Andrew’s Primary School, Stockwell

“I have made friends! I don’t feel lonely anymore.” Catherine, 11

“When I’m singing, I feel confident! I feel like I can do more things like singing.” Melissa, 8

A key part of making this happen is our parent blogging partner. Not only do they choose the charity with us, but they take a key role in promoting the itineraries so that families can enjoy discovering the culture and history of the places we cover, and we can raise funds to support our chosen charities.

We were very lucky in London to work with Helen at Actually Mummy. Actually Mummy is an award-winning parenting website from Helen and her 9 year old daughter GG. In Helen’s words, “together they share their stories and strategies for coping with the sometimes stressful, but never boring business of running a family”. In our words, we love Helen’s blog, not only because it is informative and witty, but also because it comes across very clearly how big a heart she has.

So we have a dream. We’d love to be supporting children in 40 different locations globally within 5 years. Help us get there, and have some fun along the way. Check out our itineraries starting with London. We’re at DaysOutEverywhere.

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