Freaky Rivet is about one thing, and one thing only. How to get your kids’ butts off the couch, their faces out of the fridge, and put rocket fuel up their wazoo to send them out doing STUFF! Real stuff. Not sit at home and wrap them up in your finest and softest wool stuff. Not shovel into their mouths and down the bottomless abyss of their stomach stuff. Not watch mindless and mind-numing tripe on TV or their (or more likely, your) computer stuff. No. Real stuff. Like outdoor games. Like weaving. Like reading. Like juggling. Like running. Like visiting places. Like your kitchen chores. Like everything in between any of that. And more.

We’re an interactive club where your kids can be rewarded for doing activities, for inventing activities, and for other kids liking what they do. And all with as much or as little time from you as you’d like to give them.

We’ve got this site for you which is full with stuff you can do with your kids, or stuff for your kids to do on their own if you want to get YOUR butt into the couch and stuff YOUR face in the fridge. And every week, it will be getting even fuller. Much of it will be free to do. Some might need you to dip lightly into the money jar. All of it should be doable, and will be better than having them developing a life happily married to a seat and a screen.

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