It’s hard being a parent, right? You bet it is and nobody told you just how hard it was going to be, I’ll bet. There were no instructions included with the screaming bundle of joy you produced all those years ago. Every parent worries about their children and if you’re not worrying and/or feeling guilty about your parenting at least some of the time you’re probably doing it wrong! All parents want the best for their children but the difficult bit is trying to figure out what the best actually is – sometimes it’s hard to know which way to lean:

  • high sugar foods versus high fibre vegetables
  • homework versus household chores
  • electronic gadgets versus chatting to parents

We could go on and on but it seems obvious to us that it’s a question of balance – we all want children to be able to enjoy sugary food sometimes, but we also want them to enjoy eating healthily too. Doing homework is important for reinforcing school-based learning but helping out at home is an important learning experience too.

At Freaky Rivet we’ve listened for years to parents complaining that their children spend too long online/playing on their games console/chatting in discussion forums. Parents want children to be technologically competent – for the modern world these skills are essential, after all – but parents also want their children to know how to play without gadgets, to investigate the world around them, to make things, to interact with actual people and to have fun doing so.

We at Freaky Rivet want to help you – we will give you and your children access to a constantly growing range of exciting, innovative activities and experiences that will address these needs. We will integrate hands-on, outdoor, investigative, interactive and physical activities with your children’s use of technology.

Spending some time with friends making exploding, tabletop volcanoes – very cool, but why not go on to use a phone to record a dramatic news reporter’s visit to the disaster zone. Friends become extras in an exciting and imaginative play and the Freaky Rivet community (and you, the parents) get to see the clip once it’s uploaded to their very own blog here on the Freaky Rivet website. It’s all about killing two birds with one stone, ticking multiple boxes with one pen (huh?) and keeping everybody happy! That’s what we’re about so why not join us and become part of the growing Freaky Rivet community.

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