Whether you are a London native or a tourist visiting the city for the first time, if you have kids you need to find something entertaining to do, stat. Since you can’t leave them at home or in your hotel room while you frolic about the city drinking cocktails and hoping the Duchess of Cambridge will see your fabulous shoes and make you her new best friend (Pippa, who?), you need to find things to do in London for kids.

The Innovation Station at the O2 is a great way to keep the kids entertained, and one of the most interesting things to do in London for kids. Not only will they get to experience driving a Nissan Leaf through a remarkably accurate driving simulator, they will get to put their opinions of the latest innovations on a video wall for everyone else to see. What better way is there to keep your kids entertained and give them the opportunity to share their opinion with someone else for a change?

What is more fun for kids than to spend the day swash-buckling and saying “Aye matey,”? Few things, that’s what. Kids love pirates and most would love the opportunity to act like Captain Jack Sparrow. The Bank of England Museum lets kids handle a real gold brick, weight approximately 13kg. After they discover their buried treasure at the museum – which is free for all to enter – they can climb aboard the Golden Hindle near the London Bridge. It is an exact replica of Sir Frances Drake’s pirate ship, where they can touch, play and interact. During the summer the boat has pirate days where everyone can dress up like a pirate and search for pirate treasure with other little pirates.

When in Rome – or London with children, as in this case – do as Londoners do. Head to the O2 or take in a pirate song on a pirate ship – there are plenty of fun things to do in London for kids. Whatever you do, make time for dinner somewhere with a good wine list that will help you drown out the sounds of “Yo ho, yo ho a pirate’s life for me!”

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