Constellations from MerelyMothers
We LOVE this!

Our friends at MerelyMothers had one of their little girls do our constellation activity, and this was what she came up with. She’s a lot younger than we normally aim for, at 2 (yes TWO!) years old, but we think she did a great job of it. We love especially that she didn’t follow our directions to the letter, but changed and created things the way that worked best for her. Awesome!

And moms – do check out MerelyMothers. Talk about a site with attitude – ain’t nothing ‘merely’ about the mothers who created the site or the mothers who read it. Awesome fashion tips for moms with attitude. And no, we don’t get any kind of kick-back or anything from you going there – we just like what they do.

P.S. the character she chose is Hu Hu Zhu, one of the Chinese muppets. Obviously.

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