Outside Games for Kids

Outside games for kids. If you’re as old as us, that was pretty much all there was when our folks were fed up of us slowly (or not) destroying the house. It sometimes seems like another forgotten art, like writing letters, growing handlebar moustaches, and skinning mammoths. So we asked some people to write us some stuff about it. Here’s one we got back. Again, we have created many of our own, with detailed instructions, which you can get by completing our form by the side of this article. But here goes with one of the entries we had…

“If your kids come to you and say they’re bored, it’s always nice to be armed with a variety of games for them to play. There are tons of traditional and modern ideas that can keep them occupied for hours and will keep them from playing the dreaded video games. Below are some great outside games for kids for those long summer or weekend days.

Set up a Scavenger Hunt

If you have younger kids, sending them on a scavenger hunt is a really fun way to pass their time. Make a list of things that are easy to find near your house, like a leaf or a rock of some type. You can theme this if you want, such as things of a certain age, or made of certain materials, and this can also help them learn as they go. Give them a bag and the list with a pencil, and see which kid or team of kids finds the most items. [Ed – check out our 2010s version of this]

Kick the Can

While hide and seek can be fun, this variation is even better. The rules are simple. You give them an (empty) can, and one child is left guarding the can while the others hide. After counting to a certain number the guard searches for the others. Those he or she catches go to the jail, while the rest of the kids can try to kick the can to set everyone free. The game goes until everyone is caught. This obviously needs at least 3 kids to play.

Chalk Games

There is no end to the variety of things that kids can do with sidewalk chalk. Have them create a masterpiece on your driveway. When that gets old they can play a game of hopscotch or four-square. Tic-tac-toe can even be fun if you run out of other fun options.In today’s world kids get bored and sometimes forget that the outdoors even exists. Keeping them active by sending them outdoors can help to keep them healthy and happy.

Having a list of outside games for kids they can play will ensure that they stay busy until the sun goes down.”

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