We’re sorry to say not in a great mood to write about technology and kids, or nature and kids, or play and kids. Don’t get us wrong, all of these are very important in our lives.But, there are times when you see how they fade into insignificance next to what other kids are going through. That is the case today, as it was last year, as it was last century, and for some millenia.

We are grateful that the things that concern most (but not all) of the families, parents and children who read our blogs are not life-threatening. I am happy for us with our families, for your with yours, that this is the case.

However, when a catastrophe like the one unfolding in the Philippines happens, we can’t but take stock of our fortunate circumstances, and look to see what can be done to help those in need.

So our message this week is simple. If you are able to, please do donate to one of the charities that is actively engaged in helping the hundreds of thousands of people who have been hit by the typhoon in the Philippines.

If you’re in the US, The Huffington Post has put together a good list of charities you could look at.

If you’re in the UK, the Disaster Emergency Committee of about 14 charities are getting aid out.

If you’re anywhere else, see which of the above works best, or find a local branch of the main charities.

Please help families in the Philippines if you can.

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