Welcome to Freaky Rivet – the safe, ad-free and fun online club that rewards kids for moving, creating and exploring. Kids on Freaky Rivet  are part of a community who motivate each other to do physical, social, learning and fun activities on and offline. This page tells you about the club, what’s in it, and how to join.

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Why join us?

Join us if you want your kids to have fun doing things without always needing tablets, smartphones or laptops. We’re not anti-gadget: we’re pro-balance. We’ve created an environment where they can use gadgets if they want to feed their tech-habit, but do it with fun activities that are also in the physical world, or that are social, or artsy, or whatever. Let them have fun with some things the way we used to, but with a modern twist.

Our activities don’t need your involvement. Sure, you can do our stuff with the kids (you have your own membership to see what’s in the club), but if you’re short on time, you can leave them on Freaky Rivet to do our activities on their own.

We motivate your kids using the things they love. Bragging rights. Making videos and photos to show their friends what they can do. Collecting points (we call them ‘rivets’). Liking each other’s stuff (we call that ‘tooting’). Moving up levels. And lots more.

We’re safe. There’s a ton of things we do to keep the site safe. There’s no private messaging to arrange to meet. We don’t show private details. All videos and pictures are vetted before release. We can identify all adults on the site (that’s what the 1 penny credit card subscription is for). We don’t host adverts. We have alert buttons for bad behaviour. Zero tolerance to bullying. In fact in our consultations with the police department that is responsible for monitoring online activity with kids, we’ve gone over and above ALL their recommendations.

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Why join us?

Your kids will get a membership which entitles them to access the club. Once they’re in, then what? Well, here’s how it works for them.How Freaky Rivet Works

Aside from that,they also get to comment on each other’s activities, toot each other, track their rivets in leaderboards, move levels as they earn more rivets, and more.

About our memberships

We have two membership levels. Part member (free) lets your kids see some of our activities and upload their own. But they don’t get to interact with any other kids, so the whole motivation piece of showing each other their activities, tooting and commenting without any interaction. Full member (discounted for our first 100 members at launch) lets them share how they’re doing the activities, create their own to share, and earn points interacting with a growing global community of active kids.

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Here are some of the key features of Freaky Rivet. Click on any line to find out more about it.

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