Children’s Outdoor Games

With childhood obesity on the rise, getting kids out to engage in some children’s outdoor games can only be a good idea. And by that, we don’t meat taking their Sony PSP outdoors to play the same game they were playing on your couch – we mean games that actually get their heart rate moving because they’re moving more than fingers and eyeballs. We asked for some good outdoor games, and got this back from Ruthie. I’m not convinced that they all qualify as games, with some looking a little more like chores, but it’s down to you to put the spin on it! Anyway, Ruthie, take it away!

“It has and always be a good idea to get your children outside for play, and thankfully there are a lot of children’s outdoor games that your kids would probably enjoy. Obesity is seriously catching up on our kids and lack of activity is one of the causes. Getting out to play is one way to try to fight this, as well as being fun.


With food prices literally hitting the roof, this would also benefit you [Ed – hmm, kids’ activities that save you money rather than costing. Nice touch!]. Start by explaining to the kids how amazing it is to watch the food that they eat grow. Get them little gardening tools for kids, some gloves and a sun hat and get them to work. [ed – selling the veg afterwards may just get you into trouble for child labor, though!]


Get somewhere really hilly, gather the little ones and get going. Rock climbing is really fun. It is also a great way of getting fit for the whole family. Get the right gadgets for climbing for safety and supervise your kids. It is a great way to create family moments. Remember to take photos too and set a picnic table later on [ed – all the usual common sense and safety tips apply. If you can’t be with them, then maybe get them doing some pebble climbing!].


Children’s outdoor games do not always have to cost you money. Washing the family car is fun. No kid would ever pass on a moment of getting themselves wet, rest assured, especially when you’ve given them the green light. Get sponges for the kids, soap and a hose pipe. As they enjoy themselves you get to have the car clean [Ed – Ruthie again on a money-saving tip. She should be writing for financial advice websites! Way to go on trying to claw back all the money that your kids are costing you!].


Swimming is a great way to exercise that could also serve as children’s outdoor games. It could be done as a family thing or just for the kids. Throw some pool toys for the kids to really have a great time. After this, daddy and the boys could do some barbeque as mommy and the girls enjoy the sun [Ed- come on Ruthie, how can we do this to save or make money? You’re losing cred!].


Hide things around the garden, write them down in a list and give to your kid to look for. This would get them out of your hair for a while especially if you add something to the list that you didn’t hide [Ed – nice touch. Get them to do this in the park, and make the list consist entirely of valuable items – money, jewellery, mobile phones, and so on. With any luck, they’ll bring back a treasure trove of stuff you can put on eBay.].

Children’s outdoor games are really fun if your kids would actually give them a chance. You as the parent should do your best to lure them out. You could join them if you wish but do not invade or get bossy. When you get the hint to beat it, please do if you ever want them outside again in the future.

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