Much though I try, I remain a fairly old fashioned dad who’s over-protective especially of his daughter. Yes, I’m hoping and trying for my sons to learn to respect everyone equally and treat them well, whether boy or girl. But when it comes to my daughter, I’m reminded of an interview with (I think) Billy Crystal where the topic of dad’s views on their daughters having ahem, intimate acts, before marriage came up. His response? “I’ve made it clear to her that there will be no (intimate acts) before I’m dead.” Harsh. And though I will do my best to bite my tongue when that conversation comes up, I understand the sentiment!

Consenting Adults

To counter the drive to dumbing our kids down completely, Freaky Rivet has just gone live with our online club for kids that rewards kids for moving, creating and exploring. To benefit from early member discount, click to our Join Page and benefit from 1 penny membership for 3 months. Just use the code TRIAL03 in the promotions section to get a discount from (the already ludicrously cheap £4) to a penny.

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