We’ve put the finishing touches on the site, we’ve filmed our launch set of activities for kids, and Freaky Rivet is Live! The membership club to bring activities for  your family on a weekly basis. Unstick their eyeballs from the big and little screens, unglue their lips from the cookie jar, prise their grubby little fingers off their (your) computer, and get them out DOING STUFF! Hurrah!

It took us a while. We wanted to make sure we’d thought through what kinds of activities we could bring, and how to bring them to life for your kids. And then we wanted to find some kids to make the videos so your kids could watch and copy (and do it better!). Or at least do it different. And here it is. A launch set of activities for kids that will have them laughing, getting messy, dare we say developing their skills and being kids how you and I imagine kids should be. And more importantly, a process in place to give you weekly activities to keep your kids’ interest live and fresh.

What have we launched with? Well, in amongst our activities we have them being spies and dodging lasers. Well kind of lasers anyway! Making heads to scare the bejeezus out of their siblings. And the babysitter. Bridges, volcanoes and towers. Making art from stuff in the yard, from stuff hanging around, and making art to bomb! Planets, constellations and aliens. Raisins getting a groove on and eggs defying destruction. Activities for kids that will get their brains thinking, their limbs moving, and their lungs breathing fresh air.

We’ve just had a blast making videos with our young and energetic cast – we thought about filming ourselves, but decided it was best not to traumatise your kids with some overweight middle-aged balding and fat people! So we got some people who could put energy and zest into our activities like they deserve. And they did an AWESOME job. Join up and see it!

But the important thing is not what we launched with. It’s that every week you (and / or your kids) will get a set of activities for kids that they can do over the weekend to break the time between the couch and the fridge, between the TV and the video game, between Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin.

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