or… “How to fool your kids into having fun so you can”

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to take our four kids, aged from 2 to 9, around Latin America for 6 months at the back end of 2011. I’d recommend it heartily to any family if you get the chance. Travelling and staying in youth hostels and apartments is a great and relatively cheap way to get to know places. In plenty of places we visited, they were all doing something that had them riveted to the places we were visiting. Snorkelling with sea lions in their natural habitat in the Galapagos Islands (not so much for the two younger kids!) clearly had them completely immersed in what we were doing. As was the ziplining over vast tracts of rainforest in Costa Rica – and in fact our youngest, at two and a half, insisted on doing a bungee swing and was only crying because we wouldn’t let him do it again!

BUT… the long car drives, or the stops in cafes in big cities, the stays in hostel or hotel rooms – well, those were a different story. The boredom, usually loudly announced, would often take over. We’re not ones who think that it should every parent’s mission to keep their children amused every minute of the day, but sometimes there is a need for a helping hand. We resorted to some old favourites and invented a few of our own travel games to keep them happy.

And that was where the idea for a travel games for kids book, but games without gadgets, was born. I know there are plenty of car game books out there, but we decided to write one that could be used in all kinds of travel. From cars, to planes, to boats, to hotel lobbies, to cafes, to restaurants, to beaches, parks, open spaces and everything in between.

The result was our book, “How to fool your kids into having fun so you can – travel games without gadgets”. Catchy, huh? We’re intending on selling it for $1,000 on Amazon. Why? Because we thought it would be fun to. Oh, and also as a blatantly cheap ploy to tell you that you get buy the eBook from us here at a $1,000 discount! So here it is, with 102 travel games for kids … Save $1,000 and download our eBook “How to fool your kids into having fun so you can” today! Complete the form below for a free copy by email.

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