Kids Outdoor Games – A Guest Post

We asked some people to send us suggestions of some of their favorite kids’ outdoor games, and this is one post we got. Not sure we understood all the instructions, though it all seemed like good fun regardless. Here it is anyway…

“Whether having a birthday part, a playdate, or just having a few friends over, keeping kids occupied and out of trouble can be a challenge. When the weather is warm, take advantage of this and plan some kids’ outdoor games. Not only is this a good way to keep them occupied, these games will make sure that the kids are worn out, leaving a restful evening for the parents! These are a few of our favorite games.

Having a shoebox relay is great for groups of 5-10. Get four shoeboxes and tape the show lids on the boxes. Cut a slit on each top and then organize the kids into two teams. Have the first person in each team slip his or her feet into the box and race. The first team to have all their contestants finish wins.

Batty bowling is also a great game. Assemble a few items like plastic milk cartons, candlesticks, or empty cans for example. Line these items up and let each kid line up and try to knock down as many as possible. Use bean bags or a softball. This bowling game is a great one for a birthday party. Have a small prize for the person who knocks down the most “pins.”

Name it ball is another great choice for a larger group. Have the players get into a circle and get a rubber ball. The first player picks a category like “fruit.” After picking a category, he or she passes the ball to another kid in the circle who has to catch the ball and then say another item from the category such as “apples.” The ball has to move at a constant pace and when a player can’t think of anything, he or she is out. The last player who had the ball then picks a category and the game goes on until only one is left.

These kids outdoor games are a good way to keep kids moving. For one final activity, try playing pick pocket tag. Each player gets a strip of brightly colored cloth which is put into their back pocket. The players try to take each other’s cloth strips without losing their own cloth. The player who has the most strips at the end of the game wins.

These are just a few of a countless amount of kids outdoor games.. Perfect for any outing, try one of these for instant fun!”

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