Why Kids Outdoor Games?

Providing safe interactive kids outdoor games for your tots is a great step towards improving motor skills and promoting proper physical development. After all, there’s no doubt today that most children need to increase their physical activity.

A substantial issue on the minds of many health care providers as well as parents is the issue of childhood obesity. Sadly, the Harvard School of Public Health predicts that almost 60 million pre-schoolers worldwide will be overweight by 2020. If these little ones are packing on the pounds, where do the school-age kids fall? Don’t think too hard. We know which age group loves those tush-friendly activities. For some school-aged children video and computer games are downright addictive. Thankfully, a wonderful way to cut the cord and tackle this issue is through outdoor games that are easy to plan and easy to play. The kids love the excitement they bring and so do we.

Additionally, outdoor games, usually involving lots of physical play, can provide them with the right amount exercise that’s essential to their little health. Exercise is also a weapon against diabetes, hypertension and a host of other disorders associated with unhealthy lifestyles. We can argue that this factor alone is probably the biggest advocate for an increase in kids’ outdoor games and activities- in school, at home, and in the community.

Aside from the child’s overall health, outdoor games are great for promoting healthy social skills and interactions with peers. Maybe it’s the open space, or an oxygen high, but the encouragement just seems to be there – from open invitations to spur of the moment races,

kids’ outdoor games bring it all to surface. As a facilitator you simply initiate the call by introducing fun games to start with and the kids will handle the rest.

Added to which, one of the best reasons to get them engaged in kids’ outdoor games is all the energy they’ll release will go on the dirt, grass, and trees rather than your sofa, lamp, and rug!

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